Coronavirus Travel Cancellation Advise!!

Travel Cancellation

Dear Travelers!!

It’s been another extremely difficult week for the world, and the travel industry. We hope all of you in the world traveler community have been staying safe and as cheerful as possible, despite the unusual challenges.
Given the rapid global spread of the virus, many tour operators have now cancelled all or most of their trips WORLDWIDE, departing through the end of April. More cancellations will surely follow.

Pain And Difficult Decision!

Operators make the difficult decision to cancel a trip typically with traveler safety paramount in mind, compliance with laws and medical guidelines, and the best interests of the traveler experience at heart..

It’s a difficult time for all of us. And no tour operator cancels a single trip lightly. It’s devastating for their people, employees, and local communities, not to mention their businesses.

We know it’s also incredibly frustrating and disappointing for you the traveler. This is a hard time for all of us, with a once-in-a-century global pandemic.

There are no playbooks on how to handle something like this in the travel industry, but rest assured the vast majority of operators aim to do the right thing for all their stakeholders – with travelers forefront, but also including their employees, guides, and local communities that are impacted by tourism.

It’s a complex balance of needs and many reasonable people can disagree on the optimal solutions, since if we’re honest, there is no perfect solution.

If your tour operator cancels on you… what should you do???

It’s a tough question to answer as it depends on many specifics, including their standard cancellation policy which you agreed to when you purchased the tour, and whether and what type of Insurance you had purchased.

In general, we recommend working with the tour operator and taking them up on their specific offerings. All are fair that we are aware of. Most are offering full travel credit on a future trip after Coronavirus has died down. A few are offering full cash refunds, but not many.

Things to keep in mind!!

Keep in mind most tour operators are small, locally owned and operated businesses. Even the larger ones have limited funds and have already themselves in most cases committed that cash to hotels, employees, and local transportation partners etc.

Of course you may have other related travel costs not booked by your tour operator or travel agent, like flights or separate accommodations. In those cases, we recommend contacting those travel providers directly or the credit card you used to purchase them to understand your options.

We know tensions are running high, and we share your concerns. We urge our entire global community to think and act like a community, supporting each other, giving the benefit of the doubt, and empathizing with the struggles of others.

Keep calm, careful, and curious…

Peniel Vello Laizer and Lights on Africa Team!!

Coronavirus updates- March 11

Corona Mask

Hello Dear travelers,

Coronavirus continues to dominate the news and we know that it creates a lot of uncertainty, especially when planning travel.

Currently there are 4 countries with CDC threat level 3 and 5 with US State Department warnings against travel (due to coronavirus; there are 100 countries with warnings against travel for other reasons).

For most people, the biggest risk in traveling in the short and medium term is probably getting temporarily stuck in a quarantine zone at your destination or having trouble returning to your home country.

It’s not highly likely in most cases, but it is an elevated risk to consider carefully. Read on for details about countries and risks.

One of the most important things that travelers should understand about coronavirus is that the vast majority of cases are mild – so mild in fact that they aren’t being reported.
Those who need to take the most precautions are individuals between the ages of 60-80+, individuals who have immune deficiencies, and individuals with respiratory or cardiovascular issues. This also means that smokers are at a much higher risk.


New countries and territories with confirmed cases include: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Paraguay, Togo, and Vatican City.

Germany and France have reported over 1,000 cases as of March 9th, however the CDC has not issued a warning for these countries, so they should be deemed still safe for travel.

Italy, South Korea, China, and Iran are all still under high alert from the CDC. Travelers are advised to avoid all non essential travel to these countries. Japan is at a threat level 2 from the CDC meaning travelers are advised to practice enhanced precaution.

Follow us for more updates!!

Peniel Laizer & Lights on Africa Team



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Is Africa Safe to travel during Coronavirus?

African Tourism Boards says Africa is wide open for business

Get away from the cold is what the experts on coronavirus are recommending. Where in the world is summer right now?

Coronaviruses tend to be associated with winter because of how they’re spread,” explains Elizabeth McGraw, who directs the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Pennsylvania State University. For one thing, in winter months, people may cluster together more indoors, increasing the number of folks at risk of becoming infected by someone who’s contagious.

It’s hot in Africa today, making it the only continent with not a single case or suspicion of coronavirus.

Why visit Africa? Africa may very well be the best choice when planning a holiday during the coronavirus season.

Authorities at gateway airports in Tanzania,Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco or Ghana, Seychelles, Mauritius are well equipped to effectively monitor arriving visitors for the virus. Special restrictions are in place for visitors arriving from certain countries to protect visitors and locals from the virus.

Perhaps there was never a better time to experience the magic of the pyramids, to go on the safari of your lifetime, get wet at Victoria Falls, climb Table Mountain or swim with the turtles in Seychelles.

There’s a seasonality to many viruses. Flu and cold viruses tend to peak in winter months, then die down with warmer weather. Of course, there’s the matter of transmission. Viruses spread through respiratory droplets that are released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. And the droplets are more likely to spread under certain conditions. The droplets] are better at staying afloat when the air is cold and dry. When the air is humid and warm, they fall to the ground more quickly, and it makes transmission harder. A mask on the plane may not be a mistake after all.

“We’ve seen, basically, explosive spread inside China of person-to-person transmission, so — in that sense — it really is behaving like a common-cold causing coronavirus,” said Elizabeth McGraw.

So how safe is it to travel to Africa during coronavirus? The answer is to use common sense, study the numbers and enjoy a vacation of your lifetime. Africa will deliver a safe tourism experience like not many other destinations, also during coronavirus scares.

“Our African Sun will make you experience the magic of our continent and you will forget coronavirus and the rest of the planet,” says Peniel with a big smile. Peniel is a CEO of Lights on Africa Destinations & Safaris Company in Tanzania hungry and ready for business.

Africa is also a travel bargain. Like the rest of the world, Africa can well compete with travel specials in place elsewhere during a season of crisis

Currently, Africa is one of the safest places to go if the virus is a concern.



Best itinerary selection techniques for safaris involving Uganda and Tanzania

There are so many reasons why someone might start his safari in Tanzania and end it in Uganda. Reasons could be related to one activity missing in a certain country yet it is available in another. For example, there is gorilla trekking in Uganda but it is not available in Tanzania. Or someone may simply want to have the same experience elsewhere. For example, in this case, someone may decide to continue on with his/her climbing ambitions after having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, they might decide to go try Mount Rwenzori in Uganda or it could something related to game drive, Uganda too has so scenic game drive opportunities across it several parks around the country. If you are that type of tourists that would love to cross borders, how would you choose the best itinerary for your safari?

Be clear about your expectations.

People travel for various reasons and like they say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, we all have different travel goals. Some people travel to enjoy wildlife, others are interested in experiencing different cultures while others just want to take on challenging experiences like mount climbing. Whatever your ambitions are, you must understand and study them to make sure that you shall probably experience them in two countries. For such travellers, it would be a thrill to try the same activity in the different countries to really know how things are done and what is the difference between the same activities in different nations? Like I said, you might be interested in a unique activity like gorilla trekking which is not available in Tanzania. You must highlight even activity that you would like to experience in both nations and choose an itinerary that has all of them or at least many of them.

Have a budget range.

We are all interested in having the best but sometimes we are limited by the price-you get what you can afford. The same principle applies to the selection of your itinerary; you must understand that no matter the kind of activities you plan on doing, you must have a relatively enough money to support them. If you don’t have money for a particular itinerary, I would highly suggest leaving such an itinerary as it is going to give you headache whenever you think about it.

Decide on the accommodation.

For any travellers, accommodations should be on their mind because you can sleep in the park with the animals. Even if you decide to sleep in the park, there are always designated accommodations for you. Accommodation is such a vital aspect of any tour because it determines the overall price of the tour. If you decide to go for cheap accommodation, the tour is always cheap and vice versa. Try to look through the available accommodations for your itinerary to see if you can afford or not. Normally accommodations are assigned to itineraries because such accommodations are always near the parks or not very far from the parks which gives the tourists such a convenience of not travelling long distances to get to the park. If you think that the accommodations around the national park which you are interested are not favorable for you, you might end up going for another choice.

Think of your tour duration.

Time is a limiting factor for those tourists who are not limited by the price of the tour. If they want to stay for more days, it becomes impossible because there is no enough time for them to carry on their activities.  If you are to select the best itinerary that is going to enable you experience Uganda and Tanzania, you must think of time to see that it is favorable for you.

Choose your departure country

Some tourists make travel arrangements of their journeys and their arrival country matters so much and the departure country also matter as well. If you are going to pick the best itinerary, you must be willing to know which of countries would you enjoy start your itinerary and which one should come last. Normally itineraries have that detailed information that this journey shall start from here and end here. Choose an itinerary that shall fully support where you want to start and where you want to end your tour. These should be favorable to you.  Start your tour in Tanzania and end it in Uganda. Choose the best travel company for your safari in Tanzania,

book now with “Lights on Africa,

Tanzania Family Safari – Prepare Yourself to Spend Quality Time with Family

Planning to venture out on a holiday with family is always a fun-filled, enriching experience. You will get to experience a whole new world and have plenty of time to spend with your family.

When thinking to take a family safari in Tanzania, you will experience the best of this East African destination. Please check out this post to know how:


Endless Fun –

When choosing a place for a holiday, you want to make sure that all of the families have fun and excitement throughout. With people of different interests and age groups, picking a spot and perfect activities can be a bit challenging task. Fortunately, a Tanzania family safari has endless fun on offer for your group.

family safari

Inviting Weather and Unique Delicacies –

Going on a holiday often means you want to escape your current climate or try out some new delicacies. When people think about a Tanzania family safari, they should consider weather and food. No matter what, you will be able to taste delectable cuisines in Tanzania and enjoy the warm sun shining down on you. If you are tired of a long winter, going on a Tanzania safari with family is just the cure you need.

Sightseeing Wonders and Wildlife –

When you go on a safari expedition, you will see spectacular landscapes and also wild animals in their natural habitat. Not everyone can get the chance to do so. Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat feels different and exceptional from going to a zoo or any type of such habitat. On a Tanzania safari, you will get to see wild species up-close every morning, afternoon or evening as per your convenience.

Highly Educational –

While booking a family holiday adventure, more often you think that some educational experience will emerge from it. Some like book activities – that are specifically education while others are interested in a more natural education that organically arises from the sightseeing activities in which one engages.


But with a Tanzania safari tour, you will have both of those experiences. This safari will provide you with the fascinating and interesting details about African animals that you see, and your family is also able to see how animals live in the wild without any hindrance of human activities.

Deciding to go on a safari tour in Tanzania is excellent as the trip has the ability to offer you something unique and exciting. On the top of that, your family will stay and learn together in a way that you likely have never experienced earlier.

Conclusion –


A huge assortment of wildlife sightings, white sandy beaches and a good transportation facility throughout have the potential for a family safari adventure in Tanzania. Lights On Africa Destinations & Safaris has incredible Tanzania family safari tour itineraries – that will surely appeal to whole family, including both kids and adults.

Count on Lights On Africa Destinations & Safaris for Tanzania family safari adventure and rest assured you will get extravagant safari experience to treasure for years to come! Feel free to stay connected with Lights On Africa Destinations& Safaris on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social networks!

Top 5 Places To Visit on Safari Tour of Tanzania

Tanzania is the best destination for enjoying a memorable and an adventurous vacation trip with your family or friends. Tanzania is full of incredible wildlife and pristine wilderness, for which it is considered to be an ideal safari destination. One can enjoy wildlife reserves, natural attractions and famous national parks like the vast Serengeti National Park, breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro, stunning Selous Game Reserve and wildlife rich Tarangire National Park, beautiful Lake Manyara, nature’s wonder Ngorongoro Conservation Area and more. Tanzania will offer every tourist an opportunity to have utmost fun and enjoyment during the safari trip.

Check the top 5 safari destination in Tanzania Trip:

1. The Mount Kilimanjaro:


The sublime characteristic ponder the Mount Kilimanjaro is regularly known as the Roof of Africa that stands tall at 5,895 meters over the ocean level. A standout amongst the most prevalent attractions in Tanzania, the Mount Kilimanjaro charms the enterprise lovers, for example, the mountain climbers and trekkers from all around the globe. While trekking or plunging the Mt. Kilimanjaro, you will get an opportunity to appreciate fluctuated vegetation and beautiful perspectives. On the off chance that you need to encounter an extreme climbing background, then do not miss the opportunity to trek the Mount Kilimanjaro. The Mt. Kilimanjaro is surrounded by mountain forest that is preserved as a national park, which is known as Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. This park boasts of numerous mammals and many endangered species such as elephant, buffalo and antelope.

2. The Serengeti National Park:


This national park in Tanzania is best known for its massive annual migration of wildebeest and zebra. You can enjoy an exciting game drive in this park to witness different species of wildlife in their natural habitat. If lucky, then you will get the chance to see the big five like black or white rhinoceros, buffalo, African lion, African elephant and African leopard. Also do not forget to miss out the Serengeti balloon safari that will offer a thrilling experience of exploring the diverse and beautiful landscape of Serengeti National Park from the sky.

3. The Ngorongoro Crater:

The Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania – (The UNESCO World Heritage Site) is the largest caldera in the world, which is 100 square miles in area with 1970 foot high walls. The crater is enclosed in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which is a home to approximately 30, 000 to 40, 000 wildlife and birdlife. You will get an opportunity to enjoy exciting game drives to see the wildlife in their natural habitat.

4. Zanzibar Beach Holidays:


Explore the Mesmerizing Beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania. It is an array of magical beaches, which offers an ideal platform to relax and unwind. You can amplify your Tanzania untamed life safari and get a chance to investigate the perfect white sandy shorelines fixed with coconut palms and little inlets. In Zanzibar you will find energizing scuba jumping, snorkeling, swimming, angling and option to taste many types of sea food.

5. Arusha National Park:

The Arusha National Park, a small (552 sq km) but beautiful African park, located near to the Arusha town. It’s most significant features include the rugged Mount. Meru (Tanzania’s second highest peak at 4566m), the notably different colored Momela Lakes, and 3km wide Ngurdoto Crater, which was formed about fifteen million years ago! Here you will get an opportunity to spot elephants, lions, leopards and spotted hyenas. This national park has the three most significant features such as the rugged Mount Meru, colored Momela Lakes and 3 km wide Ngurdoto Crater.


Tanzania has an extraordinary regular magnificence, brilliant untamed life and rich culture, which makes it one of the best safari destinations on the planet. Come and tour with Lights on Africa Destinations, which provides wide variety of customized safari tours in  Tanzania like luxury and budget safaris in Tanzania. For more information contact us today at +255 789762924 (Tanzania Head Office) / +1 610-659-2440 (USA Representative). You can stay connected with us on our Facebook ,Twitter pages .

Your Travel Plan should not miss these Top 5 Tanzania Safari Sites while in your Group Camping

Do you want to experience the “Wild Africa” in a fully authentic way? Choosing a group camping safari in Tanzania can allow you to see wildlife on open savannah and experience the stunning beauty of the nature. Led by a certified safari guide, you’ll take a trip to the spectacular sightings of Tanzania in search of phenomenal wildlife in their natural habitat. However, a Tanzania group camping safari will bring you closer to African wildlife species and is also an economical way to obtain insight into local cultures in a short time period.


Here are a few places you should add to your Tanzania camping safari expedition and make the best out of your holiday in Africa:

1. Lake Manyara National Park –


Lake Manyara National Park is a soft introduction to an African safari. Though the scenic beauty of this park certainly makes it well-worth to visit, the game viewing is significant. Well-known for its amazing tree-climbing lions, pink flamingos, breathtaking scenery and the soda-ash lake in the center, Lake Manyara is a perfect pick for group camping safari in Tanzania.

2. Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area –


The Ngorongoro Crater is extremely beautiful setting and is also one of the best places in Tanzania to spot the majestic Big Five (Which includes lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo) in their natural habitat. As one of the most appealing and renowned natural wonders, the conservation area is one of the striking natural wildlife safari sites around the world.

3. Serengeti National Park –


The Serengeti National Park – otherwise known as “Endless Plains” in the Maasai language is no doubt one of the most celebrated wilderness areas and is an ongoing source of inspiration to filmmakers, photographers and writers. However, it’s the oldest game reserve in Tanzania and is renowned as the site of annual Great Migration – when around three million antelope – mostly wildebeest migrate to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve through Mara River.

4. Tarangire National Park –


Located off the main safari route, Tarangire National Park is a lovely, peaceful national park in Northern Tanzania. It’s popular for its birding, elephant migration and authentic safari atmosphere. With an amazing game viewing area that is roughly ten times than the size of Lake Manyara National Park and a concentration of game is exception from July to October. Moreover, Tarangire National Park is a little gem for group camping safari in Tanzania.

5. Arusha National Park –


Arusha National Park is the home to abundant wildlife concentration and is one of the most beautiful as well as topographically unique game reserves in Tanzania. The African Arusha National Park has three most significant features like Mount Meru (The Second Highest Peak in Tanzania having 4566m) , the notably different colored Momela Lakes and the three kilometer wide Ngurdoto Crater – that was formed around fifteen million years ago. In fact, the varied, beguiling animals and plants available on the game reserve are many identified by different altitude levels and geography of these three regions.

Conclusion –

If you want to these sites to your next Tanzania vacation, consider booking group camping safari in Tanzania with Lights On Africa Destinations & Safaris and be sure of enjoying the most of this African country. For immediate booking, feel free to browse through our website today or get in touch with us online! Don’t forget to share your views on Facebook, and Twitter  social networks!

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Through The Famous Marangu Route

When it comes to Mt Kilimanjaro climbing route, the Marangu route comes to mind first. In fact, the Marangu route is the oldest & the most renowned path to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. It’s the only route where camping isn’t essential, in fact not permitted, with hikers sleeping in dormitory huts all through the way.


As far as duration is concerned, the Marangu Route is one of the shortest routes, taking only 5 days to reach the summit. However, a lot of people prefer to take an additional day to acclimatize at Horombo Huts, making use of that day to explore the Mawenzi Huts Campsite.

Since this trail is popularly known as the Coca Cola route or Tourist Route, some hikers are misguided into considering this 5 or 6 day ascend to the peak is merely a stroll in the National Park. But keep in mind that a significant number of tourists fall short on this trail compared to any other route. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared both mentally and physically to accomplish this trek.


Why choose Marangu Route?

Many favor the Marangu route because it’s the oldest & most established route. It’s also believed to be easiest route on the mountain due to its gradual slope. In fact, it’s the only trail that provide trekkers sleeping huts in dormitory-style accommodation.

Furthermore, Marangu is one of the scenic routes for those trekkers hiking Mt Kilimanjaro. Marangu hiking route commence from Marangu village at the bottom of Mt Kilimanjaro. You don’t have to be a technical climber to hike through this route.


Hut lodging on the route of Marangu forms the major difference in comparison to other trails. It provides you the considerable luxury of being allowed to sleep in huts throughout the trail. Soft drinks, mineral water, beers and chocolates are sold at each camp on this trail. All your trekking equipment & supplies are portered & a cook prepares your meals.

What to bring with you?

Though this route can be accomplished in 5 days, but we recommend 6 days for better acclimatization. We also suggest you to bring your trekking gears, such as thick trekking socks, trekking boots. Waterproof/windproof pants, heavy winter jacket, sleeping bags, safari hat, flashlight, and camera as well. Also, don’t forget to bring your sun block, inflatable pillows, water-purification tables, malaria pills and up course your regular clothes.


Consider Mount Kilimanjaro Climb through the Marangu route with Lights On Africa and get the best side Mt Kilimanjaro first hand. For more information you can stay connected with us on our Facebook ,Twitter pages .

Top 4 Safaris to Consider for a Wonderful Tanzania Safari Tour

Are you planning for a wonderful Tanzania safari vacation? When you think about a Tanzania trip, then a picture of diverse wildlife, dense wilderness, an amazing wildebeest migration and beautiful beaches come to your mind. Tanzania will prove to be the best destination for enjoying a memorable and an adventurous vacation trip with your family or friends.


The East African country- Tanzania boasts of having well preserved wildlife reserves, natural attractions and national parks like the vast Serengeti National Park, breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro, stunning Selous Game Reserve and wildlife rich Tarangire National Park, beautiful Lake Manyara, nature’s wonder Ngorongoro Conservation Area and more. The stunning landscapes filled with a diverse wildlife set a perfect platform to enjoy a wonderful safari vacation.

Here is the list of top safaris that you will love to indulge on your Tanzania tour:

1. Balloon Safari:

In Tanzania, the vast plains of Serengeti National Park set a perfect platform to enjoy an exhilarating balloon safari. Enjoying a balloon safari will prove to be a once in a lifetime experience that will offer a bird’s eye-view experience of enjoying wildlife viewing. You will be able to enjoy an extraordinary adventure experience of floating in a hot air balloon over Serengeti National Park.


A balloon safari in Tanzania will offer you an exciting wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. It is believed that balloon safaris are a romantic way to experience the wilderness of East Africa. Normally, a balloon safari starts early in the morning and last for one hour, on which you will get a chance to view a stunning wildlife in their natural habitat.

2. Walking Safari:


A walking safari will give you an opportunity to step out of your vehicle and explore the African wilderness on foot. The walking safari will help you to immerse yourself in the African bush and spotting the wildlife while trekking through the forested slopes near Manyara, vast grassy plains of the Serengeti or in the heart of Tarangire National Park. On a walking safari in Tanzania, you will guided by experienced guides together with an armed ranger, which will ensure an optimum level of safety. You will get a chance to learn about the nature, wildlife behavior and animal tracks on guided walking safari tour in Tanzania.

3. Cultural Safari:


You will get a chance to interact with the locals and enjoy many scenic places on a guided cultural safari tour. There are plentiful ways of experiencing the authentic culture on a guided tour in Tanzania that will allow in witnessing the rich culture and unique tradition.

4. Wildlife Safari:

Enjoying a wildlife safari tour in Tanzania will prove to be a once in a lifetime holiday travel experience. On a guided wildlife safari tour, you will get an opportunity to explore the top rated national parks and wildlife reserves in Tanzania.


Tanzania has an outstanding natural beauty, wonderful wildlife and rich culture, which makes it one of the best safari destinations in the world. A reputable Tanzanian based tour company- Lights on Africa Destinations offers a wide variety of customized Tanzania safari tours . We provide both luxury and budget safaris in Tanzania.

To get more details about our wide variety of Tanzania tour packages, contact us today at +255 789762924 (Tanzania Head Office) / +1 610-659-2440 (USA Representative). you can stay connected with us on our Facebook ,Twitter pages .

5 Tips For A Successful Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing was probably the toughest thing I have ever done in my life and undoubtedly it was the the most incredible experience in my life that I don’t want to forget so soon. The climb was really fruitful for me but it was not without some difficulties and testing times. I had accumulated quite a lot of experience during my climb which I hope will help you to reach the summit.

Pick the route that’s appropriate for you:

This is probably the most important decision you have to make even before setting foot on the mountain. There are a total of seven routes to pick from when you are looking to climb Mount Kilimanjaro: Machame, Marangu, Lemosho, Rongai, Umbwe, Shira, and the Northen route. Keep in mind, each route differs in length, topography, complexity, and even price. You better collect information from the Internet or from the local experts regarding the pros and cons of all 7 routes and then decide which one best suits your needs and not to say your physical abilities.

Training is important:

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will be a taste of your physical abilities, so training should be given utmost importance. If you’re reasonably active, you will wish to start training at least three months beforehand of your hike. Those who are not pretty much active physically will wish to start training at least six months beforehand. Training can encompass the treadmill on an incline, spin classes for stamina, weight training for strong leg muscles, and outdoor trekking with some weights in your back. Climbing stairs on a regular basis can also be an excellent way of preparation. It is not just your physical fitness but also your mental strength carry equal importance to help you reach the summit. So, be prepared mentally as well.

Restrict your daypack to minimum:

Many people wonder if they had to carry all their stuff during their daily hikes. In my opinion you should not. Though the porters carry most of your luggage, but you still have to carry your daypack on the routes. Keeping your daypack to a minimum is vital. After one or two hours of trekking, that daypack feels much bulkier than it used to be when you first set out. You’ll wish to carry those stuff you absolutely require for the climb. The lighter your daypack, the simpler the hike will be.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Stay hydrated:

Drinking adequate water is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated all through the hike. On an average day you’d be drinking 3 to 4 liters of water on the route. Between chatting with your teammates, and usually lamenting regarding the hike, it will be easy for you to forget drink adequate water. Staying hydrated will keep your energy level up and prevent your muscles from weakening.

Listen to your body:

It is easy to flow with the carve to make it to the summit. But at the same time, it is very essential to listen to your body as well. You will not be given any award to reach the top, so if your body is trying to tell something, listen to it. If required take a break and talk to your team physician if you feel something awkward. The last thing you wish is to be pushed off the mountain due to something that could have been sorted out when it surfaced first.

Experience Mount Kilimanjaro climb with Lights on Africa Destinations – your one stop tour and safari company in Tanzania. For more information, visit ! Or you can stay connected with us on our Facebook ,Twitter pages .